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Avatar Battle Quiz #Review

In an age where technology is unavoidable and education is still a priority, parents know it is great when you can bridge the gap of both, while providing fun and learning.  Avatar Battle Quiz is bringing education and gaming together in a groundbreaking NEW app for kids!

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Avatar Battle Quiz blends the fun and excitement of a traditional role playing game with the information and study guides of an educational app.   This app is perfect for kids ages 9-11.  My 8 year old loved playing it but my 6 year old didn't have as much interest in it because he could't play it by himself.

"Welcome player to my castle, I am the great and terrible Oliver M Pennyworth. Everyone calls me Merlin. I challenge you to enter my castle and defeat me. Challenge your self with my quiz and test your Avatar, against others who would dare to challenge my awesomeness: HAHAHAHAHAH!! Cough! cough ! yuck! I ate a fly."
Avatar Battle Quiz challenges your mind to earn experience points so that you can strengthen your avatar and join him in battle with friends and be the master of this castle

Enter the QUIZ to earn experience points for your avatar. Select a category and the level of question. There are two types of question: word and image based. In word based questions you answer the question by re-ordering the letters into the answer. In an image-based question select the correct image from the four provided. If you answer a question incorrectly the question will be asked again later. When you answer a question correctly you are rewarded with experience.

In BATTLE select an opponent from the list of Avatars of the same level or above. Selection can be determined by the Image, Name & Cost to battle, or use the search function to find a specific player. 

Your DEFENSE needs to be set up by selecting a sequence of attacks that your Avatar will use to defend them selves, when you are offline.
Children can message their friends who are players and also make new friends with people they are battling.  There is also a leaderboard
 and see if you are in the top 100 players . 

About Avatar Battle Quiz

“This app has been circling around in my head for about ten years,”says Garth Hodgson, creator of Avatar Battle Quiz“I have always felt that the education system failed me in some way, being a typical boy not much interested in learning and found no inspiration in what was offered.”

Avatar Battle Quiz was created by Garth Hodgson out of Australia.  Launched in 2015, Avatar Battle Quiz is available for both iOS and Android devices.  It combines the fun and adventure of typical role playing games with the study skills of an educational app, making it a groundbreaking new app for kids.

Garth hopes to inspire other children to want to read and learn, while blending some fun and adventure into traditional learning.  “At age 10, I was still struggling to read and I stumbled upon the Harry Potter books and thought these were exciting to me. That is why this app has two sides, the fun and adventure, but also the need to read and learn to play the game more effectively.” 

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