Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Help Your Kids Make Money Online

Do you have children between the ages of 6-12 who might want to earn a few extra bucks?! If so, you need to check out KidzEyes!  KidzEyes is a website that conducts market research among 6-12 year old kids (please note: this research is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)
In order for your kids to become a member of KidzEyes, you will need to complete the brief registration survey found here. You will be able to register multiple kids at the same time, so the sign-up survey only needs to be completed one time per household. The registration process takes about 5 minutes AND as a thank you for completing the registration process, KidzEyes will award your kiddo with 500 KidzPoints ($5.00)!
* Only families that currently live in the United States are eligible to sign up for KidzEyes.*

So once you have your kids all signed up, here’s how it works…
Kids complete the surveys that they receive form KidzEyes via email (surveys are emailed to both the kid’s and parent’s email addresses!). Upon completion of the survey, kids earn "KidzPoints" that can be turned in for cash or prizes (100 KidzPoints = $1). Most surveys are worth between 50 and 1,000 points, sometimes more…the longer the survey, the more points they award. The KidzPoints system works kind of like a bank account (KidzEyes will even keep track of your KidzPoints in an online piggy bank.  Generally, there are only 1-2 survey's sent out each month. 

 After you get 1000 points ($10) saved up, your kids can cash them in or they can save them up for something special. When the points are cashed in, your kiddos will then receive a check in the mail, in care of the parent or legal guardian.

Each month, kids will also receive the KidzEyes SuperPoll survey which enters them into a sweepstakes where they could win an iPod, a PlayStation, an Amazon.com gift card or some other cool prize!

If you have teenagers ages 13-18, don't worry!  They can head over to TeensEyes.com…it works almost exactly like KidzEyes.com!

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