Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Show Us Your Books - recap of June 2019

Life According to Steph

Just came across this “Show Us Your Books” link up and I thought it would be the perfect way to get back into blogging!! I made a goal for 2019 to read more books, I’ve recently been turned on to GOODREADS...combine that with the library by my house, I am hooked!  

My goal this year is not just to read more books, but to branch out and try new authors and subjects too!  I tend to stick to authors I know and love...but it’s been getting kind of boring! 

My JUNE Reads:
So, June is really when I decided to get serious about reading more...nothing like waiting 6 months to work on your 2019 goals, right? But I told the kids since school is out they need to read more, and figured I should be lead by example! My 2 favorite books from June are (which also just happen to be  2 of the first books I started tracking in goodreads)

35887193-My favorite of the 2 was definitely The Perfect Mother!  I did have a hard time getting into it at first, but I think it was more about not having the time to really get into, because once I did, I really enjoyed it! 

I enjoyed each characters story and the way the chapters were written. This book did keep me in suspense and although at one point I thought I knew who might have taken the baby (and would have been right!) The author didn’t make it obvious and I was in suspense waiting to see who it was/how it ended!

I will be adding more books from this author on my “to-read” list!

39072210. sy475 Overall I thought The Spark Of Light was a good book. After reading the insert I knew it could be hit or miss wether I would like it, it would all depend on how it was written. 

I enjoyed that she included both sides of the abortion debate within her characters (to an extent, it did feel a little more one sided though), and I actually really enjoyed all the characters different stories. Hard to pick a favorite character, but if I had to, I think it would be Dr. Louie...(thought it was cool to find out in the acknowledgements (he was kind of based off a real person too!)

I was not a fan of the reverse story line at first, but now that I am done with it, I don’t think the story would have been as good told any other way, it was interesting to hear how all the people ended up at the center that day after you kind of got to know them, and even how some of them were ‘connected.’ 

This was definitely not my favorite book of hers to read, but I did enjoy it!

Feel free to find me on Goodreads!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Help Your Kids Make Money Online

Do you have children between the ages of 6-12 who might want to earn a few extra bucks?! If so, you need to check out KidzEyes!  KidzEyes is a website that conducts market research among 6-12 year old kids (please note: this research is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)
In order for your kids to become a member of KidzEyes, you will need to complete the brief registration survey found here. You will be able to register multiple kids at the same time, so the sign-up survey only needs to be completed one time per household. The registration process takes about 5 minutes AND as a thank you for completing the registration process, KidzEyes will award your kiddo with 500 KidzPoints ($5.00)!
* Only families that currently live in the United States are eligible to sign up for KidzEyes.*

So once you have your kids all signed up, here’s how it works…
Kids complete the surveys that they receive form KidzEyes via email (surveys are emailed to both the kid’s and parent’s email addresses!). Upon completion of the survey, kids earn "KidzPoints" that can be turned in for cash or prizes (100 KidzPoints = $1). Most surveys are worth between 50 and 1,000 points, sometimes more…the longer the survey, the more points they award. The KidzPoints system works kind of like a bank account (KidzEyes will even keep track of your KidzPoints in an online piggy bank.  Generally, there are only 1-2 survey's sent out each month. 

 After you get 1000 points ($10) saved up, your kids can cash them in or they can save them up for something special. When the points are cashed in, your kiddos will then receive a check in the mail, in care of the parent or legal guardian.

Each month, kids will also receive the KidzEyes SuperPoll survey which enters them into a sweepstakes where they could win an iPod, a PlayStation, an Amazon.com gift card or some other cool prize!

If you have teenagers ages 13-18, don't worry!  They can head over to TeensEyes.com…it works almost exactly like KidzEyes.com!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Get $20 off + FREE Shipping @ TinyPrint

I order all of my cards, photos and stationary from TinyPrints.  Most recently I ordered some personalized gift wrap, so excited for it to come!! 

Right now I have an exclusive deal just for my awesome readers!  For a limited time, get up to $20 off PLUS get free shipping on any size order!  

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sinful Colors: Hazard #review

Being a stay at home mom this time around is so different.  I realize it's literally only been a week...but my boys are in school all day long, so most of last week I sat staring around wondering what I was supposed to be doing.  I usually clean the house on the weekends so that way when I get home from work I don't have to do it.  Plus I am not used to having such a free schedule.

Before having kids I spent a lot of time doing my hair, nails and make up.  I've missed it a lot and as my kids have gotten older, I've found I have some more time for it but still not a lot.  After I had everything done for the day, I decided my nails needed to be painted.  I can't even remember the last time I had time to really do them (thank goodness for nail stickers & Jamberry nail wraps!!)

I love Sinful Nail polish.  Our local dollar tree has an awesome selection of colors too! For only $1, I tend to buy colors even if I am not certain I'll love them...it's only $1 if I don't! 

I was a little unsure of the "Hazard" color.  In the bottle I was having a hard time determining if it was orange, or more of a peachy orange.  I decided to give it a try and I love it!!  It goes on as more of a peachy orange...perfect for spring or summer...which I am pretending is almost here! 

It was a pretty thick color, but the application was very smooth and easy. It did not drag as some thicker polishes tend to do. I thought I would have to do two coats to get it fully opaque but I was actually able to get away with just one coat!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Educational Apps from Kids Academy

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Educational Apps from Kids Academy: Available on iTunes & Google Play Free for a limited time!

My boys have always enjoyed the Kids Academy apps.  It is never too early to start learning and Kids Academy has made it easy AND fun with these apps!  Check out some of the new updates Kids Academy has made to some of their popular apps! 

kids academy dog

Preschool & Kindergarten Baby Books, Songs, and Early Reading Toddler Games

This app has great graphics and super cute characters! We have had this app a while, and now they added Cinderella (which is my personal favorite from when I was a little...my niece has enjoyed this add as well!) and Red Riding Hood which is another great add!

Download this game for FREE on iTunes




123 Tracing Numbers: Montessori Math Game for Kids

My youngest is working on writing his numbers in school and this app has helped him practice!  My nephew also enjoys playing this app when I babysit him and he has really picked up on his numbers by playing this app (he has just turned 3!) This is really an awesome app! Highly recommended! Never hurts to get a head start in math!

Download this game for FREE on iTunes

Free for a limited time! Normally $3.99!
screen520x924 screen520x924 (2)



ABC Preschool Games for Kids

This app is such an awesome learning tool!! My youngest loves this app! It has always been difficult to get him engaged in learning at home.  I put this game on his tablet and now he is learning how to trace letters and numbers and having fun while doing it! He barely realizes he's doing school work!

Download ABC Preschool Games for Kids for FREE on Google Play

Free only for a limited time! Normally $2.99!

fun learning google play


About Kids Academy
Kids Academy develops mobile apps for preschool education. Covering all major platforms their apps are designed to help kids of 5 and under to master all of the preschool educational skills from letters to numbers and vocabulary. Having passed the ten million installs mark, Kids Academy continues to deliver quality apps for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media. The reviews above are my own opinions and are not influenced in any way.

Friday, February 27, 2015


From learning how to lead a marching band to conquering the big and scary water slide, join Caillou in this special 3-DVD collection featuring 30 classic stories which will have any preschooler taking on life’s small challenges and feeling they Can Do with Caillou! 

The three fun-filled DVDs featured within this set are “Big Kid Caillou,” “Caillou, The Everyday Hero,” and “Caillou’s World of Wonder.” CAILLOU airs weekdays on PBS KIDS (check local listings).  Lovable four-year-old Caillou has a boundless imagination that makes every experience an opportunity for fun and play. By sharing in his incredible adventures, children can “make believe” along with Caillou and find new ways to understand and enjoy the world around them. CAILLOU is designed for preschoolers and focuses on role-playing and “make-believe.” CAILLOU is produced by DHX Media.

“CAILLOU’S CAN DO COLLECTION!” will be available on DVD March 10, 2015. The run time is approximately 230 minutes on 3 discs and the DVD SRP is $19.99. However you can pre-order the DVD set on Amazon for $13.99! 


The stories included on each of the DVDs in the set are listed below...

“Big Kid Caillou”
·      Big Kid Caillou
·      Caillou’s Glasses
·      Caillou’s Dance Party
·      Helping Mrs. Howard
·      Caillou’s Fun Run
·      The New Girl

“Caillou, The Everyday Hero”
·      Caillou Helps Out
·      Caillou the Firefighter
·      Caillou to the Rescue
·      Where’s Gilbert?
·      Where I Saw it Last
·      Lost in the Jungle
·      Caillou and the Water Slide
·      Caillou the Sailor
·      Creepy Crawlies!
·      Caillou the Road Builder
·      Caillou’s Building Adventure
·      House in the Sky

“Caillou’s World of Wonder”
·      Show and Tell
·      Caillou the Magician
·      Caillou’s Castle
·      Caillou Plays the Drums
·      Caillou’s Marching Band
·      Caillou Sings
·      Everyone’s Best
·      Stronger Every Day
·      No More Training Wheels
·      Caillou of the Antarctic
·      Deep Sea Caillou
·      Caillou in the Bayou

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leap of faith

'When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future' (Ecclesiastes 7:14)

Prosperity and adversity both come from God's hands.  God has given all events to us.   We must then learn to accept and understand that God has chosen these for us out of love and wisdom. They have a special purpose. God has designed life to be full of the unexpected so that we might realize that we do not control our future.

We are not in charge of life. The great satanic lie that subtly comes at us a thousand times a day is that we are gods, we are in charge, we can plan, we can direct, we can control. Because within the freedom of will that God has granted us there appears some truth to that, we easily believe the rest--that we are in ultimate control of everything. But the lesson of the Scripture, driven home again and again, is that that is not true. God is in charge. What He sends us is always designed to benefit. This is the clear teaching of the Scripture, both in the Old and the New Testament alike. Even though adversity may have painful aspects, we are to understand that it comes from a loving God.

After a lot of thinking, talking with my husband and even more than that- praying...I have decided to quit my job.  This has been such a hard decision and is such a HUGE leap of faith for me to do this without having something else in place...but I feel like this is what I was supposed to do and I know that God has great things in store for me! 


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