Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snow Man Straws..Kid Friendly "Recipe"

The kids and I got into the Holiday spirit today by cranking up the Christmas music and doing fun holiday crafts/baking.  We started off our Christmas Eve morning with a "special" cup of Hot Cocoa!!  Here is what we did...

Snow Man Straws:

For each snowman straw you will need: 1 straw, 3 marshmellows, 1 Hershey kiss (optional), small handful of mini kisses, frosting to help the kisses stay on (also optional but very helpful!)

First:  you are going to stick the straw through the marshmellow, bottom end first!  (Helpful tip! GET THICK STRAWS! The ones I had on hand bent very easily, and it worked find, just made it more difficult)

The Boy's doing their snowmen:

REPEAT with all three marshmellows.

The Boy's doing their snowmen:

Next you will need to put a small dab of frosting on one mini kiss and then stick it to the marshmellow.  My oldest just pushed the mini kisses into the marshmellows and that worked as well.

After the face is on, you can choose to add buttons, or in our case we decided our snowmen needed hats!  For the hats we used one Hershey kiss (candy cane flavored!)  and a small line of frosting to help it stick.

And now you're ready to drink! We waited to make our hot chocolate until after the snowmen were almost done so that way it'd still be nice and hot when we were ready to drink.

I asked the boys what they thought of our fun morning craft and my oldest said "two thumbs up!"

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