Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blog Dare 2012 Day 14

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I can't believe my kids like...{this could be food, beverage, toys, shows, music}

I am honestly surprised but, by both of my kids *my 5yr old more than the 3yr old* LOVES coffee!

Just this past Saturday night my 5yr old says "mom... we have church tomorrow morning right?"  I said "yes honey we do, why?"  & he says "I was just wondering... do you think before church we could have some toast and coffee?"  & that is exactly what I made him for breakfast!  I don't like coffee very much, I am more of a cappuccino person myself... but it's funny that even @ 5years old, he knows EXACTLY how he wants his coffee!  He was watching me make it and said "only one scoop of sugar please!"  

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  1. Ha ha ha! You raised him right! That is my perfect morning breakfast too :)

  2. Do you mean at 5yrs your son drinks coffee? I guess he is too young.
    Stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend..

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  4. May: Yes he does drink coffee. I have never felt the need to bring my son to the doctor to have him "officially diagnosed" but I think that he has adhd, and when I was first having issues with him I read a lot online, and one thing I read was that coffee (as well as certain foods) can help them calm their mind and focus better. There haven't been "intense" medical studies to prove this, but it works for him...


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