Friday, January 13, 2012

BlogDare 2012: Day 13

Today's Topic: My child's creepiest toy...

All kids are bound to have a toy that parents look at and say "really?!  You like that?"

Well, since my boys are in this phase of  ONLY Star Wars (5yr old) and ONLY Thomas the train (3yr old) they really don't have anything all that creepy right now..

 BUT I can relate.  I had this doll growing up that I LOVED.  Your probably thinking...ok?  How can a doll be creepy?! had three faces.  Yup, you read that right... THREE FACES!

It was a Little Baby Lost Doll from 1968 (I was born in the 80's!).. and it had a Happy, Sad and Sleepy face!  You could rotate the faces with a lever on the back of it's neck...and it had a hard plastic helmet looking thing on it's head (covered by a hood) to protect the faces.  It is called the little lost doll because it is supposed to be an orphaned baby that is delivered to your daughter's doorstep for her to take care of.

I used to take that darn doll with me all over the place!  I can remember people starring at that thing probably thinking "What the heck!?" because those dolls weren't made anymore when I had it!  

I's hard to picture... that's why I have found a video review for you to see it!  Mine didn't have the voices that the one in the video does (I'm guessing by the time I got it, that part had quit working)

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  1. creeeeepy!! a three faced doll! haven't heard of that one! so, do you still have it?! :D

  2. Yea my son is big into Star Wars as well. And a doll with 3 faces?? It'd creep me out, lol.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I snagged your button and am following all your social media.

  3. =( No I don't still have it! I text my mom when I found the reviews and what not and told her she should buy it for me for my b-day *it's on ebay right now* just so I can have it lol

  4. Lol, yeah that is a little creepy.

  5. Haha that is pretty funny! Following you from the blog hop.


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