Friday, January 20, 2012

BlogDare 2012 Day 20

Today's Topic: Something mischievous I did as a child...

I think that for the most part I was a good kid, with that being said, I do remember one time me and a neighbor girl were playing down stairs, and for whatever reason we thought it would be cool to pretend to have a fire (I think we were playing house or something) so we got pencil shavings and pretended it was a fire.  Then one of us suggested getting a lighter (which was kept by the fireplace).. and I am sure you can guess what happened next...

We caught the blanket on fire.. just a little bit.  My mom was right in the next room and smelled it... thankfully!  It could have ended so much worse!   I wasn't allowed to play with the neighbor for awhile after that!!!

I am so thankful that my mom was right there... what I don't get is what on earth we were thinking!!! We were both old enough to know better!!!

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  1. LOL what's with little kids and their fascination with fire? I remember my little brother starting multiple fires in the woods as a kid. I'm sure my mom had gray hairs because of him!!

  2. Oh dear. I don't think I ever played with fire as a child. I witnessed my Mom struggled with enough "small kitchen situations" to this day my Dad still likes to cook dinner more than my Mom.

  3. Oh wow! Good thing your mom was there, hehe, and your home didn't burn!

  4. son tried setting some paper on fire with a worked...luckily he was outside. Jeez. Kids. LOL


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