Monday, January 30, 2012

Making Money Online #3


  A friend of my just recently told me about a company she uses to make money online.  

If you remember, I've posted two other times (part 1 & part 2 } about companies that I personally use to make money online, and my experience with them this far.  So I decided to try it out!  I figured the worst that could happen would be that I don't make any money!

Calyp is an endorsement program and pays similar to affiliate programs {like amazon and ebay} and adsense...which I also participate in.  It pays per click,  but you don't have to place ads on your blog to earn money {which can get annoying to readers!}

How it works: Calyp has different levels of their memebers.  The higher the member, the more you get paid!  

You start off as a Preferred Member-preferred members aren't paid for the ads that they post, but the more often you post, the sooner you get to the GOLD membership, where you earn $.  Once you've earned 29,999 points {which are actually really easy to earn!} then you move up to the next level.  

Preferred member earnings: 
  • 20,000 pts – just for signing up
  • 100 pts – per campaign "click-thru"
  • 250 pts – for endorsing a campaign
  • 200 pts – per campaign call to action "click-thru"
  • 25 pts – per Calyp by text
  • 200 pts – per successful friend referral
  • 150 pts – per Calyp by social media post
  • 20 pts – per campaign rating

Gold Member: Gold members earn 10 cents for every ad that they post {you can post on facebook, twitter, linkedin and your blog} and 5cents every time someone clicks on that ad.

Platinum Member: earn 15cents for every ad that you post, and 8cents for each click to that ad.

Elite Member: is the highest.  You earn 20cents for each ad you post and 10cents for each click.

I have earned $5 so far just today!!!  If you interested in joining, PLEASE e-mail me {} or leave a comment with your e-mail address and I can give you a few more pointers that I don't feel comfortable posting here BUT that have been VERY helpful in earning the most I can using CALYP!
Refer Friends
Calyp is a great way to make money! #Ad

*This is NOT a sponsored post!  All opinions are 100% my own.  I do not receive anything even if you sign up*

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  1. interesting - thanks for sharing... gonna check it out - i'll email ya if i want to try it out ;)

  2. Thank so much for stopping by my blog and I loved the comment! :)

    Love your blog and found your post about how you make money fascinating. I think this is something that isn't talked about enough in blogging, almost like it's a taboo subject. Obviously a lot of us would like to reach the point where we can make some money off of our daily rantings but it's like no one dares admit that. So thanks for coming clean!

    And I am a new follower now

    Also.. love the trashy or classy! so funny



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