Saturday, January 28, 2012

Classy or Trashy

Welcome to my all new Classy OR Trashy (formally known as cute or creepy)!!!

I know this is slightly "old news"... but I've been waiting to post it until the controversy died down some.  As I'm sure most know by now,  Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage recently (december 2011).     I guess some pictures that the Duggars took were released over the internet shortly after:

Many are saying that it's just another way for the Duggars to "exploit" the baby.

What do you think are their actions Classy OR Trashy??

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  1. I felt so bad for me, the bottom line is, whatever it takes to help their family through the loss of this little life, doesn't matter what anyone thinks. A life is a life.

    1. I agree!! I try to think of it like this:: If someone who wasn't famous were to do the same thing, it wouldn't be a big deal, in fact, no one would even know. No one was supposed to see those pictures, they were supposed to be for their own close family..if it helps them get closure on the loss of her life, then more power to them... I am sure they are just crushed!!


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