Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whatever Wednesday- Naming Baby

Everyone want's that PERFECT name for their child.  Sometimes, you hear it and you just KNOW that it's the name for your baby... sometimes it takes seeing the little one before you can truly decide what to call him/her.

I was so particular about choosing a name for each of our children...I didn't want them to have the "most popular name in ---- year" but I also didn't want anything too out there and crazy.

Everyone has their own tradition in naming their child, and even sharing the name of their baby!!  A friend of mine chose to announce the sex of each of her babies but then declined to list any names they liked, or even THE name, until after he/she was born and named.  Others will choose the name of their baby because of its meaning...

How did you chose your child's name?  Did you decide to announce it before he/she was born, or wait and surprise everyone?  

With my first born, we didn't know the sex, and it took forever to chose a boy name I liked.  I had decided on a name, told people then decided I wanted something different!  With my second, we wanted a certain middle name so we were trying to find names to go with that middle name... and ended up changing the middle name to go with a name we found that we LOVED instead!

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  1. I don't want to bash anyone, but I HATE when people keep it a secret!! I just feel like it shuts everyone out! I understand the reason, but they could at least give a few options to people or say some they like!

    Thanks for following, I'm now following back!

  2. Thanks for following back!! I agree with you, I can see why they do it to an extent, but some people even take it as far as not calling the baby by their name so no one will hear & the baby can hear you. It drove me NUTS not to know the sex of my oldest because I had to basically call him "baby" the whole time!

  3. I agree-I hate when people keep it a secret. Both my stepbrothers kept their sons (3) a secret, and it wasn't even a big deal! Aaron, Zach and Nicolas. What's so great about that? No offense to anyone with those names--just saying I don't think it's THAT big of a deal. I told everyone when we chose our kids' names.

    I knew I wanted a son named Wyatt since I was 16. It took awhile for Greg to say yes, but I always had his name picked out. With Madison, we had a REALLY hard time picking out her name. I also didn't want a popular name--I don't like having names that are popular, especially since I have a reallllly popular name. :( We made a list and it went down to Madison and Natalie, so we chose Madison, because Mommy+Daddy=Maddy. <3

  4. @Nichole--what are your boys' middle names btw?

  5. My oldest is named Mackenzie. Before I was pregnant with Mackenzie I wasn't sure I wanted or should have kids (medical problems) but my husband announced that we would be trying for a baby and his name would be Mackenzie Taylor. Taylor is the middle name of my husband's best friend and soon to be God Father. If it was a girl but my husband was most certain going to be a boy born in late spring/early summer we would name the girl Taylor Rose (Rose from Titanic). On May 31, 2000 I had a little boy named Mackenzie Robert (FIL's name) Taylor :)
    My daughter is named Skylar. Since before I had Mack I had always liked the name Bella. I always got out voted saying it was too out there (um hello Queen Isabella that paid Christopher Columbus to sail the Atlantic?)-- before the Twilight explosion of course. Skylar was too out there for the ex's taste to be a first name so I had to think hard of another alternative. In the meantime I wanted Christopher for a boy but again was shot down as well as was Andrew... there were no agreements for a boy name. So Skylar it was and I had a dream about her birth and my Ex's mother said oh that sounds just like my daughter Jeanette... I got tired of hearing she sounded just like Jeanette so I named her Jeanette.
    With my last I didn't want to find out the sex and I didn't want to tell people the name we chose I wanted to keep it a secret. I was due in a firm August due date so we nicknamed the little baby Peridot. One day Skylar asks me when we were going to find out what the baby was. I said when the baby is born. She said no no mom you can go to the doctors and they can tell you with a machine. This surprised me because we hadn't ever talked about a Sonogram. So I gave into my husband and Skylar wanted to reveal the surprise and made an appointment at the OB for a 3D ultrasound. I checked Skylar out of school so she would be able to see if it was a Bella Grace or a ____ Doane. We hadn't quite nailed down the first name yet. We found out it was a boy. I kept apologizing to Skylar & my husband who desperately wanted a girl. I later decided on William (after William Shatner --- husband is a Trekkie and William Wallace of Braveheart) Doane is a family name :)I honestly gave in each time because no one leaves a pregnant lady alone. Even before I wanted to tell people I was pregnant they would ask me a million times a day if I was pregnant (I wasn't even five weeks and was waiting for Christmas) but they bugged me relentlessly.

  6. Haha, you are right, seems like when your pregnant you get bugged about all that stuff all the time. I hope my soon to be sister in law doesn't think I'm bugging her! lol (I doubt it...if I were she'd tell me to leave her alone already!)

    So do you call Mackenzie "Mack" for short? I like it, it's cute!! I like all the names you picked, I've always liked Bella for a girls name, but now with twilight if we ever had a girl I wouldn't be naming her that.

    Before we found out my youngest was a boy(my husband wanted a girl) my husband was dead set that he wanted "her" name to be Katelynn Marie, no clue why, that's just what he chose from the beginning.... so if we ever have a girl, he'll probably want that again...?

  7. Ashley: Lucas' middle name is Jeffrey after my dad, and Wyatt's is Russell after Mike (that's his middle name)


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