Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In The News

  A South Texas school has decided to cancel all school sports programs.  The school is struggling academically and has decided to cancel ALL sports related programs and put the focus on education... a change that will save the school about  $50,000!!!  Which will go towards improving their academics for the kids.  The school has about 700 students.

This change has made a lot of parents (all over the US) mad!  Originally when I heard this I was mad as well, I think that sports are important for kids!  BUT a school isn't a school without an education, right?  This school's doors were about to be closed  because all of their students were performing so poorly.  I now feel like they are probably doing what they need to do to try to save their school!  Maybe once the students can get their grades up then sports can come back into the school?  I know when I was in school your grades had to be a C average (2.0 or higher) in order to participate in sports!

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  1. Wow, that is pretty shocking. I hadn't heard about it.Off topic, did you read this today? I am sick about it...

    1. I hadn't seen that yet!! Thank you for sharing! I can't believe that, that is so awful!!!


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