Friday, January 6, 2012

Lesson Learned..?

Photo taken from this site, which also has some great
on how NOT to get banned by Google!

If any of you were trying to stop by my site was disabled.  I still don't know why and that annoys me.  I haven't done anything to violate Google's terms of use... from everything that I read though, if someone flagged my site, they will disable it w/out looking into it, which I don't think is very fair!  Luckily, they got it up and running quickly for me!

Which brings me to my "lesson learned"... I am not sure how exactly it happened, but somehow my account was flagged... which stinks because I recently linked ALL of my Google services together... which means I was unable to access my e-mail until I did a verification, and Google+ wouldn't work either since I recently tied my Blogger and Google+ profiles together.  Also my google voice has now been getting weird #'s calling it?
Photo taken from this site

I love that with Google I can have everything at my fingertips with just one log in.. but maybe that's not such a good thing?

I untied everything for now... but I really did like the idea of just clicking "share" for google+ and having it post..

Do you have your blogger and Google+ profiles tied together?

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  1. ouch - that kinda hurts! i've heard of this happening - same with some hosting providers cancelling websites for a 'red flag'??!?! glad you got it all straightened out!... for now :D


  2. yeah I wish they would tell me WHY I was IF I did do something wrong I can not do it again! Their only explanation is that it's all automatic so if someone flags my site (or any site) it's deleted.

    I am wondering though if my google e-mail was hacked, because that was disabled too, & since everything is connected, this would have been flagged as well? That would make sense, I had an e-mail I sort of thought was spam that I replied to and it's after that that everything happened. So CROSSING MY FINGERS I don't have someone out there hating me and flagging my stuff =)

  3. That is awful. Were you using an alias for G+? I read that it would immediately flag your Google services if the names didn't match up.

    I'm glad that your blog is back up and running. The design is cute!

  4. When I first started this blog I used my personal e-mail address, so when I tied google+ to it, I tied my personal google+ to it, but changed the name to Another BloggerMom. NOW, I've retied everything but my google+ is my actual name...that could have been part of it maybe?

  5. & thanks! I thought the design was a cute one for Valentines day!


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