Monday, January 2, 2012

Netflix VS. Hulu Plus

Which is better, Netflix or Hulu Plus?

The answer to that is tricky.  It really depends what you enjoy watching, or who is going to be watching.  Recently I was trying to decide which one to subscribe to...Netflix or Hulu Plus, since both are virtually the same cost (both are $8.00/month for instant online access).

The hardest problem for me was to figure out what we'd use it for... my boys love watching movies and cartoons on the computer, which Netflix is awesome for, Hulu Plus...not so much.  BUT for me and my husband... we like to watch TV shows that our basic cable doesn't get (like Sons of Anarchy on FX)... and Hulu Plus has Netflix beat when it comes to that!

Netflix doesn't offer any current season episodes of any shows, and doesn't immediately offer movies when they come out, but they have thousands of movies you watch instantly on your computer (close to 20,000 movies if you pay the $16/month for one dvd out @ a time) .

Hulu Plus doesn't offer any movies but offers CURRENT and past seasons of most of the popular tv shows.

 Both sites offer apps for both android phones and iphones.

If you have a .edu email address you can get one free month of Hulu Plus.  There are lots offers out there to try Netflix free for one month as well.

Which do you think you would use more? Netflix or Hulu Plus?

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  1. I don't know but I will tell you my brother has netflix via the internet and it' always takes forever to load...don't like that- Thanks so much for stopping by my blog I'm glad you liked it and I wanted to visit you ! Have an awesome day:))

  2. I had that problem when I had it before... also they say they had TONS of movies to watch instantly... which they do, but they're all old, but not the GOOD old ones either. Seemed like every time I searched for something to watch I couldn't find it!


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