Saturday, January 14, 2012

SNOW Ice Cream!!!

You probably remember when I posted about my son wanting to make snow ice cream... well, we finally got enough snow to try it!

Just as it was starting to snow we realized we had to put our buckets out...

We checked them the next morning & we had SNOW!

What you need to make VANILLA snow ice cream: 1 cup milk, 1 cup sugar, 1tsp vanilla, lots of snow!
All Done!!!!
 We also tried Chocolate snow ice cream!  For that we used 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of chocolate milk and lots of snow!

We had lots of fun making the ice cream!  They had fun eating it... it's one of those things that are for kids, I thought it taste too sweet.  I personally thought (and I think my boys did too) that the chocolate was better than the vanilla... which I normally like vanilla ice cream & not chocolate!

One thing I did shouldn't use a mixer to try to mix it... it didn't work so well.  What I found worked best was to mix all the ingredients leaving the snow for last, then slowly mix in the snow ( I did it by spoonfuls, and that worked great!).  

Also just a reminder...This ice cream does not freeze well, so this should be done when you are planning on eating it right away.

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  1. nice to see someone else with plenty of snow! Winter has blown in today here in Seattle and we finally got ourselves a wonderland. : )

  2. Stoppin in from Sunday Social :) This looks so fun!! Makes me wish for snow... almost :) I have a linky party going on over on my blog today! Would love it if you participated :)


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