Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sock Puppet Saturay!

I have decided to re-do my Saturday check back NEXT Saturday for the new "Classy or Trashy" (formally referred to as cute or creepy!)

For today though, I've decided to share with you a craft we just completed.  I remember when I was young me and my brother had a blast making sock puppets with my mom... I don't know why I did not think about it before!?  The boys were playing around yesterday and my 3 year old came running up with my with his socks on his hands and said "Hey mom!  Look at my puppets!" Then it clicked!  "DUH, why have he not make sock puppets before!?"

So that's what we did today!
Here's what WE used... 
but you can use anything you want!  That's the fun part!

Puppet #1:
This is the puppet my 3 year old made... he can't do them the other way, so he wanted it more so that he could just hold his hand up.  He said this is a "daddy puppet"

Puppet #2:
My 5 year old made this one, he said it's a cat with google-y eyes.. it also has a "ball of yarn" in it's mouth =)

Sometimes I am so focused on finding fun stuff to do with them, that I forget about the simple things, like building a fort in the living room (which we also did today) or making puppets from our old socks!  Even though those things seem so simple to me, I have to remember they are only 5 and 3!  It's not simple to them, its FUN!  After all, my one little word for  2012 was create/creativity, I need to think about that was a good reminder!

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