Friday, January 27, 2012

Times have changed...

Times really have changed, and sometimes I think I just need to accept that and move on...but not until after this post! 

Scenario 1: My "cousin" {husband's cousins girlfriend, got that?} had baby #1 shortly after I did, I went to her baby shower and bought her a super nice gift, etc.  Fast forward another couple of years, I have baby #2, a year later so does she.  I get another invite to another shower!   

Do you see anything wrong with that?  I did.  I didn't go to her shower, and I told her that I wasn't going because I didn't feel it was right she was having a second shower.  She wasn't married, she chose to get pregnant {she actually did, she was trying to get pregnant} and I feel like if you can't afford to buy the things you need then you shouldn't TRY to get pregnant and ask other people for gifts.  It never used to work this way.  A baby shower was a celebration in which guests would come and SHOWER the mother with gifts.  IF you don't want/expect gifts but want to celebrate, call it something else!  Like a baby celebration.  

Did you know there are actually terms for celebrations for 2nd (or more) children?  There's a  Diaper shower which is a small-scale baby shower, generally for subsequent children, when the parents don't need as many baby supplies.  There's also a Sprinkles {a baby sprinkles?} which are also small showers for a subsequent child who is of a different gender than the previous offspring. They are actually becoming much more common!  WHY is it that I would be ok with going to either of the above listed celebrations for a 2nd (or more)baby, but not a baby shower?

Scenario 2:Recently my sister in law {A} asked if I would throw her baby shower for her.  She is pregnant with her THIRD child!  My other sister in law {B} is pregnant with her second child, and is having something like 3-4 baby showers..? and wants me to go to ALL of them!!!

  • Now sister in law {A} didn't have any showers for her other kids because she wasn't married at the time and said she just didn't have many friends or family around to come. She said she just wants to have a small party with friends and family around and is going to announce the sex of the baby AT the party {I'm thinking this is really more of a diaper or sprinkles party than a shower?  She's not registering or asking for gifts} 
  • BUT sister in law {B} has registered and is asking for gifts, she is having the same sex baby she had before and still has all his clothes, but is asking for bigger ticket items like cribs and such.
I want to be supportive of both sisters because I AM excited about the new babies in the family I will get to spoil... so I feel like I should bite my tongue and just go to one of the showers for sister in law {B}... but that's just not how I am...

 What do you think about baby SHOWERS for 2nd {or more} babies?

*post credits: photos taken from google search; baby shower information taken from various sites such as wikipedia and through a google search.

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  1. That would drive me nuts. My soon to be SIL had a baby shower for her 3rd child... And yes, she still had all the stuff from the previous two. Since she already had both a boy and girl, there was no way gender was an issue. It really bothered me. The marriage thing doesn't bother me, but perhaps that's because Huzzy and I haven't tied the knot yet ourselves?

    To be fair, we did not have a baby shower when I was pregnant. I might have, but we're military and were no where near family. When we get married and start trying for #2 I would like to have a "sprinkle" party or "diaper" party if appropriate. Really, I just would like to be able to celebrate with people since I wasn't able to do that last time.

    If I were you, I would go to your SIL's (A) baby shower and enjoy it. It seems like she isn't going overboard and just wants to celebrate, which I can completely understand.

    As for SIL (B).... I would go just not to cause a fuss, but I would buy her something small. Or just a box of diapers. Sorry, but she should already have a crib and other bit ticket items. I dislike when people get pregnant and expect the rest of the world to foot the bill.

    My two cents anyway, for what it's worth. MAN I RAMBLE!

    1. After I posted this, I got a text from sister in law B saying "boyfriend thinks that sister in law A really shouldn't be having a shower because this is her 3rd baby by the same guy".... that annoyed me, lol!!!


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