Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TV Tuesday: Movie Reviews

We recently had a movie night...it took me a while but I talked the boys into watching Mars Needs Moms.  Both boys were against watching it saying that it didn't look good, but right away got hooked!!

The story starts out with Milo, a 9 year old, fighting his mom every time she asks him to do something, and when they get in a fight over him watching TV and he is sent to bed, he said his life would be better with out a mom.  He then goes to tell her he's sorry and finds that she's been taken by aliens!  After stowing away on the spaceship, he finds himself on a strange planet (mars) where he must try to save his mom!

This movie was so cute!!  The boys actually sat and watched the whole thing with me (which never happens!) and have asked to watch it again since!  The only bad thing I didn't like about the movie was that my 3yr insists that broccoli is poison now, haha... but I'm sure he would have come up with SOME excuse not to eat it had we not watched this movie!

RottenTomatoes only gave this movie a 37% saying that it was well crafted but lacked "imagination and heart"- but I tend to disagree!  All of us really felt connected to Milo and his mom, and even felt sad when he did (even my 3yr old!!).

I also recently was able to watch The Help, and let me just say, this movie was AWESOME! I watch a lot of movies, and there are a lot recently that I haven't really cared for, but this one was awesome!

This movie is based in the 1960's  and stars Emma Stone (as Skeeter) who is an aspiring writer who wants to do a book on what it is like to be a "black" maid and work for a white person and raising their children..Viola Davis (as Aibileen) and Octavia Spencer (as Minny) are both maids who at first don't trust Skeeter and don't want to get in trouble for helping her, but in the end they build a secret friendship while working on the writing project that breaks the law and puts them all in danger.  

I found myself totally hooked while watching this movie!!

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  1. I love the Help my kids and husband have watched Mars meets Moms I guess I revolt because its their new direction . Here's my post http://armyknightslady.blogspot.com/2012/01/netflix-marathons-on-tv-tuesdays.html


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