Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14 Days Of Love Day 14!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

Valentine's Day is finally here!  Started out the morning right and made a yummy breakfast for everyone including "heart" toast!

The toast is so easy to make and you could really do with any theme.  Since it's Valentines Day I used a heart cookie cutter and just firmly pressed it into the bread {before it's toasted}. Toast it and you're done!  The fun part is if you press hard enough you can even pop the heart out of the middle if you want!

After 13 days of little treats and presents, I felt like I sort of had to do something...bigger, for day 14... so I decided to give Husband what I thought I would like: a romantic dinner.  Since there was no possibility of us going OUT, it was going to have to be a dinner-in.

So first I went to the Dollar Store and picked up some fake rose pedals for the table.  Then my sister took the boys and I ran to the store to pick up the stuff for dinner {I didn't want him to see it before hand!}.  Off to the house I went to start making these:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!! 

Work in progress....

Then I started on the red velvet cupcakes!  Luckily, Husband had to work out of town today so I knew he wouldn't just be popping in randomly, and he was warned to text me before he was even in town to give me plenty of time {he didn't know WHAT I was doing, just that I had something up my sleeve}

I decided on Steak, potatoes, green beans and garlic toast for dinner {Husband's favorite!}.  Since he doesn't drink anything with alcohol in it, I opted for the alcohol free wine{aka sparkling grape juice}.

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  1. Love .. Love it Nichole!! Hmmm you've changed the colors and theme of your site... Looks great.. I sent you an email.. have a peek and let me know. :)

    Love it!! Love was definitely in the air at both our houses :)


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