Thursday, February 2, 2012

14 Days of Love: Day 2!

Day two is here!!

I was planning on making my husbands favorite- topsy turvy cupcakes {recipe here} and I did. Then someone {my 3 year old} spoiled it by telling my husband that I had baked cupcakes. I want each gift to be a complete surprise, so I let him and the kids eat them.

Instead I ended up making regular {yellow} cupcakes with white frosting and valentines sprinkles and a topper!

I am so excited!  I went into Dollar Tree by my sons school instead of the one by our house and they had some more cupcake boxes!  They were all the same 2 styles, but still, 2 boxes for $1, can't beat that!!

I decided to leave his cupcake on his desk in his office =)

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