Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Dare 2012: Day 37

So I told myself I was going to participate in the blog dare every day... I haven't.  I was on a roll in January, then we started getting sick and other words, life caught up with us and I wasn't able to! 

But I am back, and hopefully will be able to do it everyday!  Today's Topic: A Tough Decision  

Funny that it's today's topic...As I have mentioned, my camera is broken :(  I am not too happy about this, it is JUST over a year old {got it last year as a Christmas present} and I hate being w/out my camera!!  Luckily my husband is super smart and purchased the extended warranty- because of course the darn thing would break less than a week after the manufactures warranty was up!

It's not my dream camera, but it has done me well this past year... so now it brings me to my tough decision... 

The camera I had was a point & shoot {Nikon}... I really did love it!  It took good pictures and was fast enough for me... but my dream camera is a dslr.  That is what I WANT.  So do I just get another p&s camera to get me by for now, or do I take the money from the warranty and put it towards my dream camera?  It's a big price difference, and there are pros and cons to owning each.  

I suppose I have a few weeks to decide, I just got the UPS label to mail my camera in today...  it's going to be a sad day saying goodbye to my camera!!

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