Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight!

Today's Sponsor Spotlight is all about Mommy With Selective Memory!  Head on over and check out her blog today!!  She has some awesome craft and activities for kids!!  One of my favorites  learning activities of hers {so hard to pick just one!} is probably "A different way to practice cutting"

Q: When did you start your blog and why? 
A:  I started blogging last year because I wanted to record my life with my kids while they're little.  Then it turned into much more and now I love to show people activities they can do with their kids that actually teach them something and also give Mom free time to cook dinner or whatever she needs to do.  I'm a firm believe in always looking for the positive in life, but also the humor as well.  There's always a humorous side.

Q: What's your favorite thing about blogging?
A: I love the comments I get back of course!

Q: What book are you currently reading?
A: I have been in the same book club for seven years and we are currently reading, "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie"

Q: What's the hardest thing about blogging for you? 
A:   It's hard to know what my kids will be mad at me for sharing later in life.  I try not to put anything too embarrassing, like them pooping in the tub or something, because the Internet is forever!

Q: What is your favorite tv show? 
A: I do love the Real Housewives!

Q: So far, what is your favorite blog post that you've written? 
A:  This is probably cheating, but I have two because they are in two categories.  

Here is my favorite activity for little kids that can give Mom some free time: 

And here is my favorite funny post:

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us? 
A:  I have a book coming out in April, that will be called, "The Happy Mommy Handbook".  I am co-writing with former Kindergarten Teacher and author, Susan Case.  We will be writing about lots of activities to help children with sensory, fine motor, and mainly ways to make a happier family life with more free time for Mom!  It will be available on Amazon and Barnes and in both print and e-book formats and I will have updates on my blog on the actual release date. 
You can also find  Mommy With Selective Memory here:

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Nichole!

I have a passion for fitness and helping others!

My family IS my life. I know how hard it can be trying to juggle it all. My goal is to live a long, healthy life to see my children grow up, so our fitness and health is very important to me!

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