Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Total Embarrassment

I try to go to the store as little as possible with my boys.  That's always been my get away!!!  

"oh what honey, you want me to get food in the house? OK, watch the boys, I'll be back in a few hours!" 

But of course, with my husbands work schedule that's not always my boys know what the rules in the store is, and normally they are pretty well behaved.  They usually have "jobs" to help me shop and that keep them focused.  We avoid the toy areas at all costs!!

Today I had to run into the store to get some crayons, my sister offered to stay in the car with the boys, my 5year old wanted to, but my 3 year old wanted to help me... or that's what he said.  Of course they place the crayons AFTER the toy aisles... he did so good walking past all those Thomas The Trains... helped me pick out the crayons... then he spots them...

Angry bird pencil toppers and notebooks.  It was over from there.  He wanted to stop and color right then!!  I explained that he couldn't get or color in the notebook... he grabbed a pencil topper and said "ok let's go"  I calmly said no that he had to put it back.

And that's when he lost it.  He threw himself on the ground, threw the angry bird at me and started screaming at the top of his lungs... and that's when the people started starring!

And then just as fast as it started, it stopped.  He got up off the floor, smiled and said "i'll race ya!"  Really!?  People are still starring thinking I'm beating you, and you're over it now!?  I just smiled and walked away... but wow!  I don't think I have never been so embarrassed !

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  1. Aren't kids fun. At least it was over fast. My kids will do it through the whole store!! Not so much now though. Thank goodness.


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