Wednesday, February 8, 2012

14 Days of Love:: Day 5&6

We have all been so sick here, I haven't posted on here much!  I finally got the pictures from days 5, 6 & 7 edited so I'm going to get those up for you now!!  Also, be sure to check back towards the end of the week, I am doing an awesome review & giveaway that I am so excited for!! =)

Since my husband was out of town I combined days 3 &4 into one day, and days 5 & 6 into one day!  So here are days 5 & 6!

Day 5::

 I was so excited for Day 5 because I found some awesome novelty debit cards at Dollar Tree and knew my husband would love them!  They came in a pack of 4 {for $1!}, so I decided to break them up and give him one at a time!  I wish I could find more of them just to have on hand because they are so cute, but I haven't seen any more yet.

he loves breakfast in bed so I thought this would def. be a good one! He said he can't wait to use it!
I had the boys come up with 5 reasons they loved their daddy, then did one myself!
 Day 6::

My husband loves chocolate, so I seen these chocolate roses and thought they would make a great gift!  Not too much chocolate, but a nice little treat!  I left it along with day 5 items on his desk for when he got back from out of town! 

The Dollar Tree and Walgreens actually had a pretty good selection of  Valentines stuff this year, and at a reasonable price!  I've wanted to go to Micheals and check out what they have, but since I've found a lot at those two places, I haven't had to!

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  1. What great ideas! Love the debit cards, those are so fun.


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