Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

We moved into our house about 6 months ago.  We hurried and got the boys rooms, dining room and living room painted and said we'd finish ours and the kitchen after we moved in.  The kitchen needs lots of TLC, so that'll get done eventually, but our bedroom... well it's been a work in progress all this time!  It's finally almost done...just a few touch up things & I think I'll call it good.


So husband brought home this awful headboard that I hated...but it's grown on me.  We only have that one dresser & it doesn't hold all our stuff, so the new headboard holds so much and hides my mess {normally}  

So here's the room today before I did anything

Looking at my side of the room

Looking at Husband's side of the room

I moved the dresser in the 1st picture next to the door for more walking room, cleaned off the headboard and got new bedding! I am loving it so far!    



So I told my husband he can't use the comforter to sleep with...I don't want it getting ruined.  Is that weird?  I mean he has the jean quilt my mom made him that's super warm, plus we each have our own comforter's that we sleep under right now that we can use.

Next office space!  It needs work!  Right now it's a catch all for all my stuff!  See:

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  1. LOVE your bedding. SO pretty!

  2. Love the colors of your room, and the bedding is beautiful!!
    You did a great job Nichole!!

  3. Love your bedding! I can't wait until we get our house...I'm definitely going to make over our bedroom too!


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