Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dear Sleep,

Dear Sleep.
We've had a good run, wouldn't you agree?   6- awesome, wonderful, almost blissful nights.  I got used to you being here for me.  You could almost say developed an attachment to you.  I don't see why you had to leave me so soon.  Did you not love me as much as I loved you?  I don't love you anyways...I lied.  Who needs you?  Not me!  Ok, I lied...I do need you...please come back!  

Wyatt gave me 6 awesome days sleeping through the night in his own bed, and then he just took it away from me!  He was up 5 times last night...I am tired!  I got so used to him sleeping through the night again in his own bed that I let myself stay up a little bit later.  I knew I shouldn't have.


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  1. Isn't it funny how you don't realize how much you need sleep until you have no choice in getting any. My littlest still comes to bed with us every single night anywhere betweem Midnight & 2:00. I don't usually go to bed til after midnight so when she comes after that it completely throws me. Uggghhh one day I'll sleep a good night again... One day. LOL


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