Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Favorite Things Swap!


Monday was a good mail day for us!!  First we got out of the car and seen a package sitting by the door...I knew right away it was the vest Lucas ordered online {or I ordered for him}

He was so excited he even let me take pictures of him!!

THEN as I was mopping the kitchen floors I heard the mail woman pull in our drive way so I ran to the door and got this:

My swap package!!!  My swap partner was The Lovely One over at Looking for Luck. Love, and...  BOY was I excited!!!  She put together an awesome package of her favorite things, and we have a lot of favorite things in common...{like shopping at target!} and we even both included the same pack of pens!!

1. Is an ELF blending brush
2. Trident Gum... me and the boys have both already dug into it! haha
3. Real Simple magazine, I've never heard of it before but I've really enjoyed reading it!!!
4. a SUPER cute notebook!  I love it!!
5. The pens... I wanted these so bad but had to resist buying some for myself when I bought hers, but now I got them 
6. Nicole by OPI nail polish...I am in love with this color now!
7. Sixteen Candles movie
8. NyQuil...which is so funny bc I am just getting over yet another cold!
9. Target gift card <3... I got most of her stuff FROM target.... love that place!
10. Bare Minerals eyeshadow
11. Robin Eggs Candy...the boys are eyeing these too...I hid them, lol

If you want to see the package I put together for The Lovely One... you can see it here

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad you liked everything! I had fun putting it together!

  2. FABULOUS package. what a thoughtful giver she is. love all of it!!

    i am so glad that you played and made a new blog friend in the process!

    umm also, do you know that you have word verification on your blog? most people don't know, they just wonder why no one ever comments on their blog. so if you want to get rid of it i can help!!

  3. Love your package!!

    I'm a big fan of pens! It's a slight obsession

  4. Lots of people love OPI. I know I do!

    Great stuff!

    Linking from Mamarazzi's :D

    Ricki Jill

  5. Oooo..can I borrow your nailpolish? :)


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