Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How We Got Our Names...

So I realized I never really told anyone how we all got our "nick names"- which is how I will be referring to everyone from now on.  It's much easier for me that way!!  I wish I could say there was a more creative story behind all of our nick names, but there's not...

So let's start with me {Just Another Blogger Mom}... basically, when I started blogging, Husband mocked me saying that now I was "Just Another Blogger Mom" and saying that he should start a blog too...I'd like to read that, lol.

Which brings us to Husband...I either call him Husband or Honey, and I don't like the way Honey looks/sounds in the posts.

Brother {5yrs old} got his nickname when his little brother was born and started talking...for whatever reason it was easier for us to say Brother instead of his real I've found that he refers to himself as Brother.  The other day I was calling for him and I yelled his name 3 times with no answer, I yelled Brother once and he came and said "yes?"

Wi-Fi {3yrs old} got his nick name from my dad.  I honestly have no clue WHY he started calling him that, but he was about 8 months old {and all over the place!} and the name just kind of everyone calls him that!

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  1. So fun that you have some fun stories and reasons behind your nick names!

    The ones I made for my kids, I had to really grasp at straws...they weren't nicknames they already had!

  2. Oh and btw...what would your husbands blog be named? That would be funny...

  3. Haha that's funny. We call Wyatt, Wylie or Wylie Coyote. We call Madison, Mad or Maddy.


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