Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Didn't Know I was Lost....

So last week, on top of having the car problems, we also had some electricity problems.  I kept calling the  electric company, they kept insisting that all power had been restored as of 5pm Thursday... it hadn't.

Since it there's not much to do in a house with no power, I decided to take the boys to the Burger King up the road to go play. Husband was out of town until late Thursday night...or so I thought.

We got home and Husband was freaking out... he didn't know where we were {my phone was dead} so he decided to scare everyone else by calling them non-stop to see if they'd heard from me.

When I finally got my phone charged up, there were tons of texts from random people asking where I was &  if I was "lost"...because if I didn't answer Husband, I'd answer them, right?

My only response was "I didn't know I was lost..."  there was nothing else I could say.  I guess next time, I'll have to think before changing our routine!


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  1. Funny how things can turn into something else so quickly. Glad you weren't lost. LOL :)

  2. At least you know he loves you....lol. Did you spend the rest of your evening telling everyone you weren't lost or kidnapped?


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