Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Toddler Time: Chore Charts


Some of you may remember when I posted about our behavior charts how I wanted to get/make a chore chart as well right?

I did lots of looking around on Etsy, and pinterest trying to find the best route to go... but I ended up finding one that I love @ target {and on sale too!}

It is a dry erase board that comes with star magnets with four different colors, prize magnets, and a few other fun types of magnets that I haven't used yet!

I divided the chart in half, each of the boys has 4 chores that need to be completed each day.  Brother is Blue, and Wi-Fi is orange.  If all 4 chores get completed by the end of the day, they each get to play 30 minutes of video games.  If they have completed all 4 chores everyday for 4 days, then they get to pick a prize from the prize jar.  If at the end of two weeks they have done all their chores each day, they get to choose between a pizza night or a movie date with me.  Last weekend we all went to see the Lorax {soooo cute!!!} in the theater because they have done SO good!

I love that I am teaching my boys that they have to be responsible for "jobs" around the house, and that they are actually enjoying doing it.  I know it won't always be this way, so I am enjoying it now!!  I let them move their own magnets over to the box after they've completed the chore so they really get to feel like they've accomplished things!

The board is made by The Board Dudes and I would totally recommend anyone who is looking for a chore chart to check them out!! {the chore chart is $15.99 on their site, but reg price @ target was less than $10, so if you have a target near you, check them out first!}  They have tons of other stuff too,  but I'm afraid to even look at their site because I might spend too much {haha}

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  1. looks great! what a deal :) funny how they can love chores/ responsibility at that age and then hate it when they are teenagers! LOL - guess we should enjoy it while we can.

  2. Brother is 5, right? My Bug is 6, and I want to start her on chores, but I'm not sure what to have her do. Load the whole dishwasher? That seems like a lot! And taking out the garbage? That's boy's work!

    It's possibly that I'm a big softie!

  3. LOOOVE this! I need to check into this for sure.

  4. I actually bought a chore chart app for my iPad and I'm loving it!


    It's $5 - a lot more than I would usually spend on an app - but I knew we wouldn't be able to keep up with a paper or erasable chore chart. I love how it tallies up their rewards and they can "cash out" if they want to redeem their stars for a prize (I set my own rewards too). I also like being able to take away stars for bad behavior or creating a mess and NOT cleaning it up! :D


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