Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We Want To Know

co-hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama!

This week the questions are being asked by different readers... and they're all about food!!  {I love food!}

{1}Ricki Jill from wants to know:
I would like to know what the WWTK's  participants serve when they have company for dinner.  What are your go-to recipes?   For some reason, I like to try NEW recipes when I'm having guests over...idk why, because I always seem to have problems with new recipes!?

{2}Jill @ wants to know:
If you were told it was time for your last meal, what would you order up or make for yourself? That's a tricky one... I love food!  Maybe a little of everything? Can I do that? lol!  

{3}Suzanne @ wants to know:
Sugar or alcohol? or more delicately Drink or Dessert? Dessert for sure!!  Husband doesn't drink, which means I barely ever drink... usually on a bad day I crave dessert over a drink!

{4}Myya @ wants  to know:
What is your favorite Crock Pot Recipe? That's an easy one!!  Steak 'n Gravy!! here it is:
1 round steak
i-2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
1 pouch of french onion soup

Mix it all together, put in the crock pot for 8-10 hours on low {the longer it cooks the better.  You can do it at a higher setting but it's not as tender}

I serve it over/with mashed potatoes!  It's Husband's favorite!!

{5} Mamarazzi is having a hard time getting breakfast in everyday so she wants to know:
What are you eating for breakfast these days? I'm on a diet, so I eat yogurt and sometimes if I have time 1 cup of fresh raspberries or strawberries.  Brother usually eats eggs or cheerios and milk.  Wi-Fi is so much harder to get to eat {so is Husband!!}  his new thing has been pop tarts though...and he wants them for all three meals! lol


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  1. I'm always tempted to try new thing out with guests--mostly in an attempt to impress, but usually fall back on my tried and true dishes.

  2. Me too!! Then I'm surprised when said new recipe turns out poorly!! :-)

  3. your steak and gravy sounds good.

    i keep poptarts and nutrigrain bars on hand for the kids for quick breakfasts. there is never enough time in the morning.

    i heart dessert too. bad day and i need something sweet to get me through the day.

    thanks for linking up!

  4. Can't get any easier than that crock pot recipe. That's why I love the crock pot. This whole hop has succeeded in making me hungry!

  5. oh man you are soooo brave, i always want to try and serve something new for guests but i am always afraid i will screw it up or that it will be yucky, so i never do.

    thanks for linking up and for the breakfast tips!!

  6. Very very brave to try new recipies with guests!!! lol


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