Saturday, March 10, 2012

"With innovation and technology, seems we have forgotten to cherish the true beauty the world has to offer."

We had some running around to do this morning, dealing with the car issue and what not, and as we're pulling out of the drive way Wyatt says "mommy, can't we just go for a walk today"  how can I tell his sweet little voice "NO" when it's something like that!  The boy LOVES to go for walks and we haven't been on a good one in a while thanks to the stupid weather here in MI!

But it was a nice day today!  That's why he wanted to go!  So we did! We went over to the Nature Center and had a BLAST!  We were there for over 2 hours and it didn't feel like that long!  Here are my favorite pictures from today...and it was so hard to just pick these!!!

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from today!  Not sure why...

LOL, I have to face it, my boys are never going to let me get GOOD pictures, they always have to make silly faces

This one is actually not half bad, surprisingly!

Wyatt said "I LOVE THIS FOREST MOM" and was running up and down <3

We also found the PERFECT climbing tree!!!

Lucas found a thorn in his pant leg and wanted me to take a picture of it

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  1. Looks like a blast! I went for a little walk myself, it was king of

  2. What a great place! What fun pictures. Oh & seriously kids cannot take serious pictures if their lives depended on it. My girls give me all kinds of silly whenever I want a picture. Geesh!


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