Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I wish...

Sometimes I really wish I could just be content staying home.  The boys are growing so fast and I won't get this time back, and yet I always feel the need to "get out of the house".  I have always been happier working, even before I had kids.

Maybe it's because Husband has been gone so much lately and I feel really alone right now,  but I have sat here half the day in between loads of laundry looking for jobs.  I don't need to work, and I told myself earlier this year I would wait until after the summer to start looking for a job so I could spend the summer with them, and because Wi-fi will then be in school and Brother will be going all day {easier on the pocket book too!}... so why can't I just be content with that plan?  Why do I have to go on a job hunt now... months before I said I would?

It's not like I don't have enough to do around here... I could have finished organizing the closet with all our winter clothes.... or written up all the posts I have started but haven't finished yet....or anything really!  BLAH!


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  1. I have always said that I could never be a SAHM. I need to work! I love my kids, but I need my time away from them, too.


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