Monday, April 2, 2012

Making Money Online: Scams


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I'm sure you seen those e-mails or newspaper articles saying you can earn a living off of dining at fancy restaurants or shopping at pricey stores, but be careful!

This is site... avoid this site!  They are a known scam site

So are secret or mystery shoppers real?    Yes there are many companies that hire people to come in and grade their companies performance without their employee's knowledge.  Usually the shopper is reimbursed for their time and can keep any products purchased as well.

So if it's real, then why do I need to be careful?  Well because not all companies are legit!  Try to stay away from companies that offer the opportunity for you to make hundreds of dollars a week.  Mystery shopping is a part time job, at best!  Don't expect to make tons of money off of it.  Also, be aware about registering your information into any websites unless you've done research about them first.  I follow the rule that if they ask for credit card info, or ask you to pay for services, it's probably best to stay away.  Mystery shopping jobs are available online for free, you just have to know where to look.

So how do I find a legitimate mystery shop job?  Like I said earlier, mystery shop jobs can be found online for free.  It does not cost anything to become a mystery shopper.  Check out the Mystery Shopping Providers Association {MSPA}website for great tips and how to find available jobs!

I did lots of research and found that Shopper's View is a valid mystery shopping company.  I signed up for them a few months back and actually get lots of assignments sent to me.  I don't accept all of them, but it's nice to know they have work available when I want them.  Different shops pay in different ways.  Some offer a reimbursement up to a certain amount +$5-10 compensation; others pay just a flat amount if you actually aren't required to purchase anything.  Shopper's view also offers phone shops where you call a toll free # that will record your call.  After each assignment you log online and complete the assessment.  Again, it's not a "get rich quick plan" but it is a nice way to make some extra money.  Shopper's View pays with paypal, but I am not sure how other companies do.

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  1. Wow, really? They really do pay you for shopping? That's an amazing find!! PS...I really love your font on your site...I can't tell you how long I've searched for a decent font and tried to figure out how to do it and never can...

  2. I've seen these ads all over the place, I never took the time to actually look into it. Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Interesting. I always kind of wondered how that worked. I used to work at Marie Callendar's and we would get "shopped" frequently. Everyone was always concerned about I just may look into that. Thanks for the info! xxoo-Kim


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