Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TV Tuesday

Right now is a great time for TV!!  Here are some of my favorites right now...

Glee {FOX} just started back up...not too impressed with their first episode back.  After they left us hanging with Quinn's accident...they fast forward way past it and started up with everyone back in school.  Guess we'll have to see how things pan out...the producer has promised some great twists since a lot of the cast WILL be leaving due to them "graduating high school"

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager {ABC FAM} also just started it's second half of it's FOURTH season!  I am not very impressed with this show, yet I can't stop watching it.  Of course, the acting has never been that great & isn't getting better.  They have thrown in a couple of twists that sort of make you want to come back for more....

Revenge {ABC} Is all new tomorrow night and I can not WAIT to see it!!!  This show hasn't been on since February...Daniel was arrested and we found out that Satoshi Takeda was actually Tyler's killer.  Episodes resume tomorrow {4/18 @ 9/8c} and Daniel is standing trial for murder.  Jack has to put his search for Amanda on hold because he has now become a suspect in the murder investigation.

There is also Don't Trust the B- in apt 23 {ABC} which just recently aired.  I watched it and thought it was alright.  Wednesday nights ABC has the shows I like to watch, so I'll be watching it again & we'll see how it turns out.

I really can't wait for Switched At Birth {ABC FAM} to start back up again!  I'm interested to see what happens between Bay and Emmett, and Simone and Toby!  ABC FAM hasn't announced when episodes will continue, but there are at least 10 more episodes in season 1 due to air at some point!

I think I got them all in!  Are there any shows you "can't" miss?  

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  1. I love switched at birth. I also love Make it or Brake it and the Lying Games on the family channel!


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