Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Confessional!

Linking up today with Mamarazzi's Friday Confessional!

I confess... I've been awful about visiting my favorite blogs the last couple of weeks =(  I promise I will be around to visit and comment SOON!

I confess... It's garage sale season and I am so excited!!  I have found the best deals lately!!

I confess... I may have a power wheels addiction.  I can't stop buying them!!  Even if they don't work.  We {between my mom and I} own 10...  I know!  Less than half of them have actually been purchased for $...most of them we have found because people throw them away when the batteries die.  Instead of buying new batteries we use batteries we find cheap online or on CL.

I confess... I have a lot of plans for the summer...I am worried that about sticking to my plans though.

I confess... I have decided to start a summer school curriculum with the boys.  I want Brother to stay on track, and Wi-Fi can benefit.  I am a little worried that I'll jump in head first with all this and then end up not doing it when the boys complain.  I DO plan to make it fun though!

I confess... I feel like a bad mama for not knowing that Wi-Fi could trace letters already!  And he loves to do it!


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  1. Love the whole power wheels addiction! Hilarious!! It does amaze me what people throw away - we've grabbed a few goodies ourselves!
    Fun post :)

  2. Our garage sale season is just getting started. I love to go a couple of times during the summer--always find good stuff cheap!

  3. I have been awful about visiting and commenting too! I hate when life gets in the way of my bloggy social life!

    But seriously...fist things first!!

  4. I've been kind of hit & miss with blogging lately too. Ehhhh life happens.

    I have SO much I need to get organized for a garage sale. My house is in a MAJOR need of "Spring" cleaning.

  5. I enjoyed your confessions! I did a confession type post myself a few days ago, when I had a birthday cake fiasco. I'm enjoying my first visit to your blog and am now your new follower ;-)

  6. I'm trying to keep my husband away from garage sales ... honestly that man will buy anything ... proof is in all the 'junk' we have at home.

  7. I love garage sales, it's so fun hunting and finding that one thing you just couldn't live without.


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