Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy List Tuesday

Linking up today with Mamarazzi

I am happy to have had such a wonderful mother's day!  We had he in-laws over and had a big bbq and just spent time together!  It was wonderful!

I am happy to have such a great Husband!  He is so great with our boys and we are so lucky to have him!
yes that is Husband riding power wheels with the boys!

I am happy to be an Auntie! I love spoiling my nieces and nephews!! 

My beautiful niece Naveah at her mom's baby shower

I am happy that I will have two new nephews by the end of he summer and one of my new nephews will be there Thursday or Friday! I can't wait to spoil them too!

I am happy that my sister in laws baby shower went pretty good, and she got lots of great stuff and got to spend time with family!

I am happy that I got to go for a nice long walk this morning with Wi-fi!  Starting my day with a walk always puts me in a better mood!

I am happy that I will get to start volunteering soon!  And even more happy that the boys will get to come with me while I do it!

I am happy that it's almost summer!


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  1. Glad the shower went well! What are you volunteering to do?

  2. Lots of happy thoughts for the day! Glad you had a great mother's day :) So, do tell... what volunteering are you able to take the boys with you? That's great!
    Hope everything is well!

  3. that sounds fantastic! you get to feel great about volunteering and the kids get to have fun playing!!! and a free membership to boot! :)

    oh btw - i too am happy it's almost summer!! :)


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