Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Blues...

We've really only had winter weather here for the past week or so, but let me tell you, the second the snow started falling, these boys started acting out of their minds...bouncing off the walls (and every other surface they could find!)  This weekend I really wanted to get some things done around the house (and have some mommy time, of course!) so I just knew I had to get creative... suggesting they color wasn't going to work this time!

So I've come up with my "beat the winter blues" list to be used in case of emergencies!

  • Serve dinner under the table!
  • Send the kids to play in the garage! (roller skate, bounce balls, jumping jacks, race cars, etc) Even if you don't have a heated garage, it will still be warmer than playing outside when it's windy (or in our case both windy and rainy!)
  • Bring a large tub of snow inside and make sculptures!  I can't wait to try this...IF we ever get snow!
  • Assign "secret pals"...this can be limited to family only, or extend it to neighbors/classmates etc. Do one kind thing each day for your secret pal this week (or what I think we're going to do is one kind thing per week for the whole month) This could be making their bed, slipping a treat into their backpack, making a special snack, etc.
  • Make an indoor obstacle course--we did that this weekend & the boys LOVED it!  We had lots of broken down moving boxes so we used those, but you could use pillows, chairs, laundry baskets or anything you can find around the house! Get creative!
  • Set up a tent in the living room (or better yet, make your own with pillows and blankets!)  Make sure to enjoy some S'Mores cupcakes while your at it!
  • Go on a Safari!  Hide some of your children's stuffed animals all over the house, climb in your "jeep" and see how many animals you can spot!
  • Collect some large boxes from an appliance store and let you child's imagination run wild!
  • Make some "treats" for wildlife!  Hang a bird feeder in front of a window and let your children enjoy the wildlife from indoors!
What are some things you do to combat cabin fever?

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  1. Dinner under the table sounds fun!!!

    We do a lot of puzzles & painting.


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