Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gardening 101: How to make miniature greenhouses

This is such a fun idea to do with your kids on a snowy day...and a great way to recycle all those milk jugs!!

Making miniature greenhouses out of recycled milk jugs for winter-sowing:

First you will need to make drainage holes.
Because your seeds will be watered with snow, sleet and rain, your greenhouse will need drainage holes, and lots of them . Turn your container upside down and punch through its base about 15 holes. Also make holes about a half-inch above the container’s base.
***The easiest {and fastest way} to make openings in a plastic container is by using an electric drill***

Making a hinged cover
Using a pen-knife or scissors, just below the base of the handle, cut almost all the way around the jug, leaving a half-inch intact to act as a hinge. 

Adding Potting Soil
Now add to your container 2-3 inches of potting soil. Soak well, and let drain thoroughly at the kitchen sink.  Your soil must be well-draining before planting your seeds!

Planting Seeds
Sow your seeds on the surface of the soil. Very small seeds need no additional soil to cover them. Just leave them on the surface, regardless of what your seed-packet says. Large seeds, such as Morning Glories and Sweet Peas, require only a one-eighth-inch planting depth.

Labeling & Taping
Using a permanent marker, indicate on the jug the type of seed and date sown. Then close the container’s hinged cover, and secure it in place with 2 or 3 pieces of duct tape. It is not necessary to get a “tight” fit.

If your container has a cap, definitely remove it. The top opening of a jug permits not only ventilation, but the necessary entry of rain, snow and sleet. Especially on sunny days, your greenhouse will heat up and become quite humid. The vented top will permit excess heat and humidity to escape.

Get Them Outside!!
Finally, bring your greenhouse to the wintry elements outdoors. If you place your containers in any kind of plastic box, make sure the box has drainage holes, or your seeds will be washed away when the snow melts.


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