Friday, October 4, 2013

Life Lessons For Boys...

Every day I pray for my boys.  I pray for the women my boys will love. I hope they will be drawn to the kind of women who will leave them better people in the end. I also pray that my sons will be worthy of this kind of woman, that they will act honorably and be patient while they wait for her.

I pray and think hard about the things that I think are valuable for them to know in life.  I think I've finally narrowed it down, so here it goes...

1. Pray hard & be a good spiritual leader
2. Don't be afraid to dance!  Don't worry about others watching you, if you feel the music, go with it!!
3. Save money when you're young because you're going to need it someday!
4. Allow me to introduce you to the dishwasher, oven, washing machine, iron, vacuum, mop and broom. Now use them!
5. Don't ever be a bully and don't ever start a fight, but if some idiot clocks you, please defend yourself!  If you see someone else being bullied...don't be afraid to stand up for them!
6. Peer pressure is a scary thing. Be a good leader and others will follow. 
7. Your knowledge and education is something that nobody can ever take away from you. 
8. ALWAYS treat women kindly. Remember...forever is a long time to live alone and it's even longer to live with somebody who hates your guts!
9. Take pride in your appearance. 
10. Learn to be strong but tender at the same time. 
11. Always remember that a woman can do everything that you can do! This includes her having a successful career and you changing diapers! Mutual respect is the key to a good relationship. 
12. "Yes ma'am" and "yes sir" still go a long way.
13. Bringing her flowers for no reason is always a good idea.
14. A sense of humor goes a long way in the healing process.
15. Play a sport. Doesn't matter what sport, just play something!  It will teach you how to win honorably, lose gracefully, respect authority, work with others, manage your time and stay out of trouble. 
16. It is better to be kind than to be right. 
17. Please choose your spouse wisely. My daughter-in-law(s) will be a big factor in weather or not I get to spend time with you and my grandchildren!
18. It is OK to express emotions! Be passionate and excited, and even cry if you need to. Show love and communicate.
19. It's OK to make mistakes!  Just learn from them.  Life is not all about winning...learn to be gracious and accept what happens, as long as you do your best. Be competitive and push yourself to do better, but be a good sport too!
20. Never forget to call your mother...I might be missing you.


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My family IS my life. I know how hard it can be trying to juggle it all. My goal is to live a long, healthy life to see my children grow up, so our fitness and health is very important to me!

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