Friday, March 14, 2014

Fitness Friday: Check In

This week has been an awesome week!  No one has been sick in our house & things just went smoothly!
Since we've moved & I haven't run over the winter due to awful weather, I don't have a route planned like I did at our old house.  Sunday at family dinner I was talking with my sister in law about the best route {we live in the country!} and how far it might be...we decided to drive it and it's exactly 3 miles!  I was so happy! Monday it was nice & warm {pretty bad when temps in the 40's is considered warm!} so I wanted to go for a run.  My in-laws said the boys could come over there while I go running, so no excuses!  Problem is... the boys wanted to come running WITH me!  They both got their tennis shoes & work out gear on and were all pumped to go!  I let them run with my to my in-laws (about 5 minutes) then I figured I would drop them off...but my oldest wanted to continue on, so he walked, ran & jogged the full 3 miles!!
Workouts This week:
Monday: 3 10 minute walks + 3 mile walk/jog (45 mins)+ T25 AB intervals (25 mins)
Tuesday: 3 10 minute walks + T25 Cardio (25 mins)
Wednesday: 2 10 minute walks + 15 minute walk
Thursday: 2 10 minute walks + T25 AB intervals (25 mins)
I didn't get my morning work out in today because I was running late.  I am planning on a 3 mile walk/ jog.  If it's too windy then I'll be doing the T25 total body circuit.
I haven't been on the scale in over a week {that'll be tomorrow- STATurday!}.  Last time I stepped on I was pleasantly surprised, I lost 5 pounds...hoping to be down a least a couple of pounds this time!
My first 5K of the year is coming up fast, only 6 weeks left to train!  I am really hoping the weather will start getting better so I can actually get out and goal for this first one is to beat my time last year- even if it's by a minute!!
My goal for next week is to work out at least 25 minutes everyday and to concentrate on my water intake & get better about tracking my food intake even though I know I am doing good on my calories! 
What are your fitness goals for the next week?

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