Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 Tips to get on a schedule

Do you ever feel like there's not enough time in your days? 
It really doesn't matter if you're a working mom (like myself) or a stay at home mom, the hours just seem to fly by and the tasks to do seem never ending!!
One of my (many) goals for 2015 is to spend my time more wisely.  I feel like so much of my time is spent rushing from one thing to the next and lets face it...that doesn't work!! So that got me can I make time for other things that I want to do, not even just mommy one thing on my "new year" list is to spend 10-20 minutes everyday {quietly} with God- reading the bible, doing my bible study, etc.  It appears my only solution to get everything done that I want to, is to wake up at 4am (I am serious!)
So I decided what will help me take advantage of my time the most (and hopefully help me from napping at my desk at work, lol) is that I need to have some type of schedule to my days, as short as they are!
Here are 5 tips that I've come up with to help get on schedule for the New Year:
  • Get a planner and use it faithfully.  It doesn't have to be a pen and paper planner, there are many apps for time management!  I have found though that pen and paper works best for me!  Plus it will help with me being on my phone less (another 2015 goal!)
    • Bonus!  Here are two different FREE printable planner pages that you can use to help get you on schedule! I have both a daily and a weekly one!  I have also added in an exercise and water tracker!
Get your free printable daily planner here

Get your free printable weekly planner here
  • Create a flexible to-do list the night before.  I always make a To-Do List at the end of my work day, so in the morning when I come in, I know what I need to do...only makes sense that this should carry over into my personal life also, right?  There are a few different ways this can be done. 
    • You could do an hour by hour example: 8am Devoution; 1:15 Doctors appointment; etc. 
    • Ycould mark your to do list by importance: urgent, do to this week, to do this month, etc. 
    • Coloring coding works best for me.  I am going to do a general "hour by hour" with some color coding to mark what is most important!
  • Read your to do list first thing in the morning.  Before anything else gets done, read your to do list.  It may even help to read it before reading your bible...that way you can pray for God to help you stick to your list or help to order your steps throughout that day!
  • *No guilt as your day ends.* This will be my biggest challenge.  Not feeling guilty if I didn't get to everything on my to do list as my day ends.  It's not a big deal, just add it to the next day.  {which is also why I am going to color code by importance!}
  • Learn to say "NO"  Another big problem I have both personally and professionally is saying yes to everything then trying to fit it in somewhere.  I need to take a step back,  check my list and see if it allows for me to fit that in before agreeing to it!!
What are some tips you would have to help someone get on a schedule?

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My family IS my life. I know how hard it can be trying to juggle it all. My goal is to live a long, healthy life to see my children grow up, so our fitness and health is very important to me!


  1. I chuckled as I read this because I keep my family on a tight schedule. It all runs more smoothly when every one knows what to expect :)

  2. Learning to say NO is possibly the hardest thing people can learn! It took me YEARS and I still have trouble using that little 2 letter word-but I'm getting better!

  3. I am really good about schedules and lists but man, this last 4-6 weeks, I lost control of it and we've been a mess! LOL I have to get back on track!

  4. I like the printable. I definitely have a schedule or at least a to do list i work through everyday. It's the only way I feel accomplished.

  5. I am pretty flexible with our schedule, but I am becoming more and more strict with it, it is just easier.

  6. I do so much better with an actual schedule in front of me!! Great printable for the new year!

  7. I love this. I always feel a lot more accomplished when I make a list of the things I need to do. It makes me feel great to mark something off my list, and so great knowing that I can keep on going and keep up the momentum!


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